Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Workout shorts

These shorts are great if you are looking for short shorts! They do fit as they should - pretty much all of my pants are medium and these shorts in medium fit me great - I was worried they'd be on the smaller side but they are not! Plus they do have a stretch to them so even if I gained/lost a few pounds they will still fit. The material is nice and sturdy and reminds me of the big sport chains sports clothing. The colour stays as when I first received the shorts and I already washed them several times after a sweaty exercise - absolutely no fading!
The waistband folds over so you can wear the shorts as super low waist pair, or like regular shorts - personally with my floppy belly I don't fold the waist over because the regular waist makes me look slimmer - and the waistband doesn't roll down with movement like some stretchy waistbands do!
I absolutely recommend these.

Fabric details from the manufacturer:
65% cotton /23%Nylon and 12% spandex

Get your own pair here.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Non-dairy frozen dessert

Omg this is so good! So silky and smooth :) If you normally enjoy dairy, you will enjoy this frozen dessert as well! It's super rich and creamy, and I could honestly eat the entire tub in one sitting. It was so good I did not want to share with hubby haha....but I did! I love that I can confidently serve this as a dessert with all of our friends - we have some that have to eat gluten free or dairy free (or both) but none of them is allergic to nut so this is perfect!
I got to try this product for free thanks to Socialnature.com but will be definitely buying again!

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*picture courtesy of Socialnature.com - will be adding mine shortly :)

Monday, July 17, 2017

What a day....

When you genuinely offer help with grammar to someone who teaches a language but their FB posts on the official page have mistakes - and they remove you from the group as a result, while the grammar mistakes in their posts stay....I just have to shake my head. 
I was hoping to be more involved with this organization...but clearly they are not interested in my help, despite always asking for more volunteers....well at least they are not interested in someone who could help them makes things better, may be if I just joined and never spoke up I would have been fine....but I can't keep my mouth shut when I see obvious grammar mistakes in official posts :(

It's really disappointing but at the same time - I'd rather find out now that I'd just be wasting my time. 

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Revlon mascara

This is a pretty amazing mascara and for a reasonable price. It has a great brush and it makes my lashes look good but still quite natural. I don't like the total "fake lashes" look, and I have naturally dark eyelashes, so I typically just look how to enhance them - and this mascara does an awesome job!

The mascara does not clump and you can get results with just one coat!

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Pampers® Baby Dry® diapers

My little one who is almost two and half years old is still in diapers - especially for the night, the daytime potty training has begun. I was excited for the new and improved Pampers Baby Dry trial thanks to @bzzagent and @pampers.
The overall fit is definitely quite nice, and she seems pretty content when we put the diaper on her after her evening bath.
Rating four out of five, because there were a couple of super warm nights when she drank a lot before bedtime  and the diaper leaked a bit. The diaper itself absorbed nicely and stayed dry but whatever did not fit anymore just got out. Thankfully we have a mattress protector on so I only needed to change her sheets and everything was good as new.
Attaching a picture of her playing - you can barely tell she is wearing a diaper which is nice - Pampers are not bulky unless completely full! 
All in all - it's a diaper worth buying!

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Are you in need of a physiotherapist?

If you are Calgary & area based, give Patrice a call!!! I have known him over 10 years and I love his holistic approach to injuries, chronic pain and prevention. 
Besides the stuff listed in his bio....he is also trained and skilled in needling/acupuncture and Graston techniques. He just needs to update the info! :)

He works at two clinics - http://www.centerforhealthyliving.ca/ -  West Springs (SW Calgary);  and http://www.braggcreekphysio.com/  - Bragg Creek just outside of Calgary. 

From his bio: 

Patrice has over 10 years of postsecondary education. It has always been a dream of his to combine his passion for helping people, physical activities, and business management; recently, he achieved it by graduating from the University of Alberta with a Master’s in Physical Therapy.
Over the past several years, Patrice has worked with numerous sport teams and associations such hockey, lacrosse, rugby, football, ballet and more. He has also been working to help people maximize their physical abilities. His clients have included a seniors’ community, a child with cerebral palsy, personal training clients and more.
Patrice’s interests in his practice include sports and overuse training injuries, concussion and injury prevention. He believes that each injury and condition is unique and requires a holistic approach with joint collaboration between himself and his patients in a one-on-one setting. His focus is to help you maximize your potential and reduce your risks of future injuries, whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior or simply want to keep up with your grandchildren.
In his free time, Patrice loves spending time with his family, playing hockey, jogging, working out, hiking and downhill skiing. Recently, he has taken a special interest in marathons, triathlons and has returned to practicing martial arts.


Manual / Manipulative Therapy
Sports-Related Injuries – Athletes and Weekend Warriors of All Ages
Performance Training
Muscle imbalances/Core stabilization
Myofascial Slings and Functional Exercises
Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation
Canadian Physiotherapy Association
Alberta College of Physical Therapists
Level 1 Manual Therapy (Orthopaedic Division – CPA)
K-Taping Pro (K-Taping International Academy)
Sports First Responder (Canadian Red Cross)
Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) National Congress
Gray Institute, Chain Reaction 3D Seminar (Chicago)
Canadian Sport for Life, International Physical Literacy Conference
Effective Communication and Human Relations (Dale Carnegie Training)
Alberta Winter Games Hockey Therapist
Calgary Buffalo Hockey Association Junior B Student Therapist
Cochrane Silvertips Junior B Lacrosse Therapist
Red Deer Chiefs Major Midget AAA Hockey Therapist
Hockey Alberta Elite Development Camp Student Therapist
Cochrane Silvertips Junior B Lacrosse Student Therapist
Hockey Alberta Challenge Student Therapist
Hockey Alberta U16 Female training camp Student Therapist
Calgary Buffalo Hockey Association Bantam Student Therapist
Senior St-Albert, Division AC Rugby Student Therapist
Calgary Buffalo Hockey Association Major Midget Student Therapist
Cochrane Lions Football Student Therapist
Junior Hockey Canada Student Therapist
Alberta Ballet Company Student Therapist
AIM HIGH Youth Football Student Therapist

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Aveeno Baby Eczema Care Night Time Balm, 311 Grams

This balm is seriously a life saver. My two month old developed eczema on her cheeks, arms and thighs - I spoke with our doctor and she suggested we try some strong moisturizers first, she is not a fan of prescribing steroid creams for little ones - and frankly I would have a hard time using it on such a little baby so I was happy she thought of trying something else first. This overnight balm works wonders. I could see an incredible improvement after just couple of nights - hubby noticed it too! Definitely recommend. At this moment my little one still has some dry patches but they are not as red and flaky as when we started using this balm.

Most drugstores carry the Aveeno Baby product line, with that being said I got mine on Amazon, they had a very reasonable price. I am keeping my eyes out for deals in the stores I usually go to so if by any chance it goes on sale at any point, I will stock up!

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